Testimonials | Amy-Fleur
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“I had the most beautiful makeover at my house this weekend by Amy-Fleur.  She was so lovely and listened to everything I wanted.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  Thank you so much Amy” Lauren Mammon




“Amy-Fleur did my makeup for a wedding two weeks ago.  She made me look stunning and I’m still getting comments now!  I also now wear red lipstick which I never would have imagined would look good on me, it looked fabulous!  Highly recommend!” Daniella Green




“Thank you again Amy-Fleur for my gorgeous makeup!!!  I loved it!!! I need you again!!”  Melissa Berg




“I had amazing makeup done by Amy-Fleur! Absolutely amazing….need another occasion! X” Gabriella Simons



“I recently attended an eye makeup masterclass with Amy-Fleur.  She taught me how to apply eye makeup using a technique which started as a day look and then showed me how to turn it into a more dramatic evening look which included eyebrows, shadows and liner.  I just had my Christmas work party and did my eye makeup following the technique and to put it lightly, Amy is magical!  I just copied the technique she showed me, obviously it took me longer but I felt gorgeous.  Wish I had learnt years ago.  The more practise, the braver I’ll be at doing a fuller look but I just have to recommend Amy.  If you want to learn how to do makeup, she’s really your girl.  She’s a qualified and experienced makeup artist and really is a walking advert.”  Hayley Simons



“Hi Amy, really enjoyed the makeup lesson.  It is like learning a new language! Thanks for making it so much fun and useful.  Kim X”  Kim Blackman



“Amy-Fleur is an unbelievable makeup artist, whether youre going for dramatic makeup, natural, evening or anything you want.  Amy is your girl.  Her technique is easy and she explains how to apply and make you look and feel incredible.  I highly recommend her and on top of all of this, she has a lovely and caring nature and wants to bring out all the best features in her clients.  Young or old, tired or pale, you will always look outstanding if Amy-Fleur does your makeup.”  Michelle Needham